Your Daily Hug

Before you were born, a little seed was planted within your heart. It contained the wisdom of your soul. This seed just wanted to grow and find a voice, so that it could be heard.

But…the world can be a loud and overwhelming place, and images on the daily news can be scary. And studies have shown that most of the repetitive thoughts in our minds are not kind ones. (And we’re creating our lives with those thoughts and images! wah.)

Don’t be disheartened! There’s hope. The little seed has found its voice.

Do do do dooooo… (That’s the sounding of  trumpets.)

Here’s a way you can start your day (Mon-Fri) with a simple heart-felt inspirational message that will set the pace for your day. You’ll feel encouragement, hope and love. You’ll remember that life is on your side after all.

These daily messages offer a smile from your soul…and a “hiya” from your heart.

They’re everything that YOUR heart would say to you.

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