About the Chief Hugging Officer

My word for this year was FUN. And fun to me is a happy heart.

Sandy caricature

One of my sisters called me one day (I’m the youngest of 5 girls) and said she loved listening to my weekly podcasts, because they were so uplifting to her.

Then she said, “Sandy, I don’t always have the 30 min. to listen in to your whole podcast all at once. Can you give us just a teaspoon of inspiration each day? Don’t ask us to meditate, don’t make us think too much…just give us something to start the day with a smile or an uplifting thought.”

“Oooh, that would be so fun!” I thought.

My heart lit up. I got off the phone, and sat in silence. I ‘heard’ in my head, “Your Daily Hug”, and got the visual of the whimsical nature it would take.

The mission was born. To inspire and uplift millions of hearts through daily simple, heart-felt emails, that would feel like a virtual hug.

As I started creating the daily messages, I realized…

These daily hug messages are really EVERYTHING your heart would say to you! I love

that…it makes so much sense. Especially since a lot of my work with private clients is teaching them how to listen to the voice of their heart and soul.

Here’s the coolest thing though…

I’m a big believer that coincidences are God’s way of staying anonymous. Well, as it turns out, the day that I got the “downloaded inspiration” for YourDailyHug.com…was (drum roll please) National Hugging Day!

Whatttt??!!! Thanks for the confirmation, God.

So, sign up for your Daily Hug here…and let’s get started!

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Sandy Alemian is a gifted spiritual teacher, a well-respected spirit medium and the author of the international best-seller “What was God Thinking?!” Whether speaking or writing, Sandy uses her unique blend of wisdom and humor, helping thousands of individuals awaken their connection to the Infinite, so they can heal and manifest a powerful life.

Sandy is the Founder and Chief Hugging Officer of YourDailyHug.com and the host of the widely-popular podcast, “Healing Conversations…with Sandy Alemian”.